Thank you to all the lovely magazines, blogs & newspapers that have taken the time and the care to write some very kind words about What You Sow since we launched in late 2012. 

It means a lot to me to read such generous reviews of the shop and I'm incredibly grateful for each and every one of these mentions. It's nice to hear such positive feedback after just a year of What You Sow and it really helps to spread the word about my shop and products!

If you'd like to feature What You Sow or any of the products in our range, I have high quality, press-ready images available on request and would love to talk to you about the shop and the products in it. If you'd like me to write some editorial or a craft tutorial, drop me a line too! 

Get in touch with Lyndsey at whatyousow [at]

December 2013 Mollie Makes

December 2013 Kitchen Garden

December 2013 The City Planter

November 2013 Daily Mail Weekend Gardening Pages

November 2013 Homemade with love

August 2013 Guardian Small Business Hub. 

July 2013 Laura Magazine

June 2013 Mollie Makes

June 2013 Kitchen Garden 

June 2013 Cakes and Catwalks

May 2013 Daily Mail

May 2013 Guardian Small Business Hub. 

April 2013 Moral Fibres

April 2013 Garden News 

April 2013 Crafting Fingers

March 2013 The Edible Garden

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March 2013 The City Planter

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March 2013 Cakes & Catwalks

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February 2013 Daily Mail Weekend Gardening Pages

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January 2013 Mollie Makes


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