My name is Lyndsey and What You Sow evolved from my love of gardening and the desire to help people include more greenery in their lives.


My interest in gardening began as a child with a small patch to grow flowers in my Grandma's garden and became an obsession when I began tending an allotment a few years ago. I am particularly interested in small-space gardening, community gardens and urban agriculture and love seeing the way people improvise and create their own green spaces against the odds.

At What You Sow you will find an assortment of beautiful handmade, design-led and practical items which will enable you to grow your own flowers and vegetables and to improve the green space in your life.

All items have been thoughtfully sourced to ensure that you have a unique selection of quality gardening themed articles and gifts to browse and buy. Much of our stock is sourced from independent designer-makers and small businesses.

Our logo and banner were created by the very wonderful Debbie Hill who I knew could create a graphic to illustrate everything that What You Sow is about. I’ve admired Debbie’s work for a number of years and enjoy following her blog, where she posts beautiful illustrations, photos of her impressive knitting projects and stories of her adventures in and around Brighton.

You can see more of her fantastic work here.

Much of our copy was written by the expert copywriter Victoria Regan, including this and this. If you'd like Vic to write something for you, get in touch and I'll tell her to contact you.

I was very lucky to work with photographer Gabriella Rizzello on a photoshoot for What You Sow and I've used a number of her product shots on the shop. Some of my faves are here and here. Aren't they beautiful!?

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